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Does Sam Kayiwa's "Say What You Want" Give the Fans What They Want?

An upcoming artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sam Kayiwa recently released his single, "Say What You Want." Unlike typical break-up songs, this single shows Kayiwa from every angle and perspective. Let him introduce himself to you as a rapper, singer, and great advice-giver with this single.


For a track revolving around a breakup, Kayiwa leads with an unsuspectingly upbeat pop and trap beat. Though a little one-dimensional, we can't lie it is giving us 2010's pop nostalgia. The lyrics don't match that vibe, but the juxtaposition makes the heartbreaking lyrics more palatable.

The sound showcases Kayiwa's many genre influences. Initially reminiscent of the neo-soul and fusion stylings of Masego’s Girls That Dance, the sound continues to develop and alter over time. There are hints of in the melody of the bridge, notes of Chance the Rapper in the flow of the second verse, all pushing the track to a new level. Though new in the music world, with room to improve and fine-tune, Sam Kayiwa is off to a great start with "Say What You Want."

The bounce in the beat has us grooving, we're rating it a 7/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Sam Kayiwa breaks down and gives some new perspective on failed relationships in “Say What You Want.” Starting off strong, Kayiwa puts up a lyrical wall that gets demolished throughout the remainder of the song. The first verse and hook boast levels of confidence unparalleled at the end of most relationships. Hoping to keep his pride intact, Kayiwa promises to leave everything behind to his ex — but his attempts to move on so quickly are no match for the upcoming verses.

That bold confidence eventually fades as Kayiwa comes down from that high, and he reveals a more vulnerable and genuine side of himself. With this new side of himself, Kayiwa offers advice to himself and his significant other. He even reveals his own hurt when he begs the question, “Who wants you to hurt like you hurt me?” Throwing out heart-wrenching lyrics one after another, Kayiwa attempts to breeze past that hurt. After exposing new layers to this relationship, he returns to his more sheltered and proud hook to close out the song. Whether or not his heart is okay, the vulnerability unveiled overtime throughout the lyrics is beautiful. Sam Kayiwa is opening himself up for growth and his lyrics reflect that.

The never-ending unfolding of Kayiwa's character through his lyrics is impressive and has us tuned in as fans. Even though we wish the final chorus showed more growth, we rate the lyrics 8/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Kayiwa's fearlessness in the composition and execution of "Say What You Want" is truly the most impressive aspect of the track. Instead of playing it safe, trying to appeal to every rap or pop fan, Kayiwa wore his influences on his sleeve and blended his favorite genres into the melody. The track is fun, fresh, and shows so much promise for Kayiwa's future as an artist.

Looking deeper into the track's composition, there's an astounding amount of versatility. As a one-man show, Sam Kayiwa writes, produces, and performs all of his music. To see such a small artist, without the standard team of songwriters and producers, creating such a versatile track, featuring both singing and rapping, and showcasing different flows and styles shows dedication. Unafraid of the fans' perception, Sam Kayiwa is making the music he wants to. If you don't recognize his passion, you're missing out.

Kayiwa is laying the groundwork to become a phenomenal artist. For this, we're rating the art a 9/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.

Overall "Say What You Want" receives an 8.5/10 on the Intersect rating scale. Listen here and let us know in the comments if you agree with our review.


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