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In Review: FLO's "Fly Girl" (ft. Missy Elliott)

FLO, a British girl group consisting of Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma, and Renée Downer, has been making waves on social media with their unforgettable anthems and enticing personas. The trio's recent collaboration with legendary rapper Missy Elliott on the track "Fly Girl," released on March 23rd, 2023, has further cemented their position as a rising force in the music industry.


The track features an interpolation of Missy Elliott's popular track "Work It," with fragments of the original song seamlessly woven into the upbeat melody. The three members of FLO display their impressive vocal range and tight harmonies throughout the track, taking center stage and supported by a consistent beat. The production techniques used, including vocal panning, are engaging and enhance the song's overall sound. Based on its sound, FLO and Missy Elliott earn a commendable 8 out of 10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.


Flying high on the wings of girl power, the latest single by FLO, "Fly Girl," delivers an empowering message. The lyrics, "I don't need no man to tell me where the party is," echo the sentiment of Missy Elliott's original hit, "Work It." Missy's verse transports listeners back in time with the playful line, "Don’t I still look like Halle Berry in the face?" referencing her classic line, "Don't I look like a Halle Berry poster?" The lyrics in this track are catchy and encourage listeners to embrace their strength alongside FLO and Missy. On the Intersect Rating Scale, FLO earns a solid 7 out of 10 for their empowering lyrics.


The group released a music video for the song, picturing them enjoying themselves at a party. The visuals and lighting are astonishing, with eye-catching scenery. Missy is also featured in the video, adding the right touch of nostalgia. FLO consistently emphasizes their message of women's liberation and empowerment. This track does nothing but proves the greatness that they hold in their lyrics along with ensuring their success in the future. The group gets a 9/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Overall, this group gets an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream the track below.


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