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In Review: FLO’s “Walk Like This”

FLO, a girl group made up of Stella, Jorja, and Renèe, three women of color from the UK, are bringing the Y2K aesthetic back to R&B. The trio made their debut in 2021 and has been on the up and up since. With songs like “Cardboard Box,” “Fly Girl,” and “Summertime,” the group is creating nostalgic sounds reminiscent of the ’90s and 2000s with a modern twist. Their newest single, “Walk Like This”, is not only a banger with hard-hitting beats, but a preview of their upcoming debut album. 


This song immediately makes me want to dance. The production reminds me of an early 2000s radio hit, with its claps and stomps. FLO’s vocals as a group add character to the track through harmonies and adlibs. 

The vocal arrangement is amazing, which has been a common thread in the group’s previous discography. The song starts with the sounds of heels clicking and a catchy, reoccurring melody that drives the overall mood of the track. 

The group also has a great balance of actual singing and almost talk-singing throughout the song, which makes it sound conversational and casual and lends itself nicely to the topic of the song.

While the song’s lyrics are provocative, its sonic profile helps to compliment the tone and gives it an even more confident feel, as the girls sing about their lovers and how he influences the sway in their hips when they walk.


The lyrics of this song are just as catchy as the track itself. This song is about the reason the girls “walk like this”—their lovers!

The girls are so obsessed with their lovers that they haven’t left his bedroom, causing them to walk with a certain sway. This could also be interpreted as the new romance has not only given them a new strut but new-found confidence in themselves.

“Got my makeup on his mattress, Been here so long, what’s my address?” sings Renèe in the first verse.

While this isn’t FLO’s first sensual song, it is a bit more explicit than others in their discography. It’s more in-your-face, especially with the upbeat pace and the straightforwardness of the song. They want the world to know about their lover, and they don’t seem to care about what other people may have to say. 

“We been going non-stop, Nobody does my body how he does my body, He got this thing on lock, The way he does it I ain’t tryna hear nobody”, the girls sing. Then they say, “If he keeps this, I might need crutches.”

Overall, the lyrics in this song add another layer of sexiness and swagger to the song. The production alone is enough to make listeners want to move, but the words truly give the song the “grown and sexy” vibe that separates FLO and their discography from other girl groups out right now. The songwriting is clever and relatable, which makes for a great hit.


“Walk Like This” is an upbeat, fun song that fits perfectly into the rest of FLO’s discography. The girls have crafted a sound that is unique to them yet heavily inspired by one of the most idolized eras in music, the 90’s-2000’s. Their music appeals to Gen-Z adults (which they are) refreshingly and excitingly. Many FLO fans are on the edge of their seats for their debut album, especially after this new single. “Walk Like This” gets a 9/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale. 


Stream "Walk Like This" below.


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