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Get Jazzed about Asher Etlin's "Antiquities"

Asher Etlin is a 19-year-old saxophonist, producer, and guitarist hailing from San Francisco, California.

Etlin's work is inspired by his love of jazz, soul, hip-hop, ambient, and experimental music-- all of which come together in his expressive debut album Antiquities (released July 24, 2020). He has collaborated with various artists, such as Matt Martians on his album The Last Party, and a live performance with legendary R&B group The Internet.

"Antiquities is a reflection of and a thank you letter to all the music that I’ve listened to in my first 18 years," Etlin shared. "My ear has been inherently shaped by everything it has heard, and it was important to me to create an album that pays homage to the musical influences on my life so far."

Antiquities gives new and original energy to the classic jazz sounds we know and love. "So much of music today is progressive and experimental, which is a good thing, because like all art, music needs to evolve to prevent stagnancy and mundanity. However, it’s equally important to reexamine and recontextualize music from the past. Antiquities is an expression of gratitude to the music that has influenced me, and in turn, I hope one day it will inspire another musician's work." The album covers a wide dynamic range whilst showcasing Etlin's vast skills as a songwriter and instrumentalist.

"Sintra" is the third track on the album. The song opens with a piano intro (played by pianist Jacob Young), which is then layered with soulful saxophone melodies and a groovy rhythm section. The piano and saxophone solos are not only thoughtfully and melodically composed, but also add to the song's dynamism and complexity.

Listen to Antiquities below and let us know what you think.



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