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Pardyalone on Mental Health And The Background Behind His New Single "Cupid"

Pardyalone, born Kalvin, is an up-and-coming artist with a bigger vision than just making music that hits the charts. He has a passion for connecting with his fans by creating music that helps mend broken hearts and soothe mental health issues. Judging by his almost 50K monthly listeners, and his top single Sincerely, Fuck You almost hitting a million streams, we can see the bright future ahead for the emerging artist. But, where we see past his bright future and start seeing his potential longevity is within his mindset on the true point of creating music.

We got the opportunity to speak with Pardyalone about not only his music career and his newest single Cupid, but also his personal background. This allowed us to connect the intellectual way he thinks with his music. Read the interview below to get to know Pardyalone.


Where are you from and how did being from there affect you as an artist?

I'm from a small town in Minnesota. It was kind of shitty. I had a friend group and we would skate and have little barn parties and shit. So, I never really lived in a big city. I never got to experience the diversity you get from city life, which affected how intimate my music is.

So because it was a small town with less to do, you had more time to connect with your emotions and find a productive way to express them through music?

Oh yeah, for sure. We would get really shitty winters for example. So in the past two years, I started noticing a ton of seasonal depression. It brought up a lot of really weird emotions. I had to get out of there.

So now you have relocated to Los Angeles?

Correct. But, I'm in and out still.

With your ultimate move to Los Angeles, how has it been? How has it been meeting new artists and collaborating with them? How has it been spending time in the hub of music and entertainment?

It's been a change in pace for sure. But, as far as music goes, I have grown a lot through new exposure. Everything is way more diverse. I went from this small town to meeting someone every day that matters and is doing something beneficial to my career. It's amazing. The weather is crazy, the people are crazy...haha.

Who are your favorite people you've worked with so far since you've been in Los Angeles?

I've worked with a producer named ChaseTheMoney. He's super dope. I've worked with this producer/engineer/creator named Sidney. He's a super cool and super talented guy. And then, for the Cupid video, I got a chance to work with this influencer, her name is Nupur. Ultimately, right now I've only been here for two to three months, so with the time I've been here so far it's mostly been a time to shake people's hands. I haven't built crazy connections yet with people. I'm just getting my name out there and my voice heard.

What's your philosophy on taking your time and being patient when it comes to making it in the music industry?

I mean, firstly, me and my team always go by the motto "You can't force a vibe. That's an easy way to kill it." Secondly, find your voice in life. Whatever it is. It may be singing, drawing, sports, whatever. Find any way you can get your message out. Then, do it consistently. I want to make sure people know to be consistent. Everyone stresses consistency to me and just putting out content all the time and seeing my face. People want to be involved with your life. By being consistent, you're letting people in. You have to be vulnerable with your fans and family.

You mentioned your team's motto, can you stress the importance of having a good team and how artists can go about finding a team?

About a year and a half ago, I worked with an artist who had a great team. I was super envious. From that point, I started looking for a team. While looking, I was going through weirdo after weirdo and hella random people. But, the second I stopped looking, I met my team. So, my advice is to not look for them. Just keep working and someone will come to you with your best interest! My whole team has my best interest and they push me to be the best version of myself. They really just want to see me create!

What are the biggest ways you connect to your artistry? How do you deal with writer's block and those scenarios?

When I came out here, I actually had writer's block for a few weeks. Honestly, just sit with it. Feel your emotions. Try your best to not stop creating and prioritize giving yourself a space to feel. You can draw, go to the beach, go hiking, whatever it is, but you have to give yourself time and space to feel. Once again, don't force a vibe.

What artists do you listen to the most?

Growing up it was definitely Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, sometimes Maroon 5, but really old school shit because that's what my dad listened to. Currently, I listen to a lot of stuff. I listen to country music, indie, rap, house, anything honestly.

Got it, artists that listen to a lot of different types of music create better music because they can push boundaries.

For sure.

Moving to your music, what project or single that you have released so far relates to you the most?

I have a song called Sincerely, Fuck You, it's about to hit a million, which is crazy. That one just had all of my built-up emotions regarding my recent relationship. It was a big pressure to take off of my chest. It helped me let go of a lot. I also finally got feedback from people saying "Yo, this shit hits home" or "I relate to this", it felt like therapy. It was very reassuring. That song is my baby for sure, up until Cupid drops. That was one of the first songs where I knew for sure that my voice was being heard.

What was the thought process behind your new single Cupid?

The song was actually targeted towards Valentines Day. We were going to drop it on Valentines Day, but I wanted to sit on it for a little bit. It's called "Cupid" because when I made the song I didn't want people to think of Cupid as a good entity or a bad entity, I just wanted it to apply to anyone listening's perspective. The night I made it, I was drinking and going through my Snapchat memories and I saw some old Valentines Day memories of me and my ex. That triggered it. That song is my new baby so I am so excited that it's out.

What was the thought process behind the Cupid video?

The video is crazy, my manager Jake shot it and our friend edited it. We shot it at a studio in Compton. There's a scene where me and Nupur were dancing around a Ferrari, it was nuts. We had a hospital bed scene where Nupur shot me with an arrow. You'll see what I mean when I say that Cupid isn't a good or bad entity. It's not good or bad it's both sides. It's evident in the video for sure.


Listen to Cupid below.

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