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In Premiere: Miso Extra Shares Visuals for "Constant Surprises" and "2nd Floor"

London-based artist Miso Extra has dropped a mesmerizing visualizer for her heartfelt cover of Little Dragon's "Constant Surprises." The mixed heritage singer, producer, and rapper expresses deep admiration for the band, citing the lyrics as a beautiful reminder to appreciate life's blessings.

Animated by Taku Mikami, the visualizer for "Constant Surprises" adds an enchanting layer to Miso Extra's versatile artistry. The artist's ability to merge personal storytelling with captivating visuals showcases her authentic and multifaceted talent.

Alongside the cover, Miso Extra introduces her latest single, "2nd Floor," a powerful exploration of toxic relationships and self-discovery. The Japanese line "I don't need a Prince" encapsulates the track's empowering message of finding happiness independently.

The music video for "2nd Floor," directed by Claryn Chong and produced by Beatnik Creative, complements the song's theme. Symbolically shedding her floor-length plaits, Miso Extra visually captures the act of breaking free from emotional baggage.

With these releases, Miso Extra invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The combination of emotive music and visually stunning elements leaves audiences eagerly anticipating what this talented artist will unveil next.


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