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In Premiere: $NOT and Cochise Release New Video Single "Hilarious"

Constantly pushing boundaries, $NOT has cemented his place as one of the most innovative artists of his generation. In anticipation of his upcoming album Viceroy, set to release next Friday, $NOT has dropped a new single titled "Hilarious," featuring Cochise. The track, produced by PRODUCER, features glistening synths and deep 808s, providing an energetic backdrop for $NOT and Cochise's assertive lyrics.

The song kicks off with a flex-filled verse from Cochise, followed by $NOT's declaration of his untouchable status: “I’m off a couple drugs, put you in that Cybertruck / Smokin’ angel dust, these n**s cannot fck with us / Diamonds on my wrist, that sht just look like emo cuts / These n**s talkin’ all that sht, you know I give no fcks.” The combination of the two artists' verses over the pulsating beat makes "Hilarious" a standout track.

The accompanying music video for "Hilarious" is surely one to watch. Shot outside a tranquil pool and on the roof of a secluded house, $NOT and Cochise appear completely unfazed by the troubles of the outside world. Their laid-back demeanor contrasts with the song's high-energy beat, creating a visually engaging experience for viewers.

"Hilarious" serves as a preview of what fans can expect from Viceroy, $NOT’s first album since his 2022 critically acclaimed Ethereal. That album featured hit tracks like “Doja” with A$AP Rocky and “BENZO.” With Viceroy, $NOT promises to deliver more of his unique soundscapes and low-talking rhymes, as evidenced by already-released tracks like the plugg-inspired “BULLY.”

As $NOT continues to experiment and evolve, his upcoming album is poised to make a significant impact. Be sure to check out "Hilarious" and look forward to the release of Viceroy next Friday via 300 Entertainment.

Watch the video for "Hilarious" below.


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