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Is Post Malone on Drugs?

"I don't know what's going on with Post Malone, but all jokes aside he needs some help," writes concerned twitter fan.

Videos of Post Malone have surfaced where he looks high. And I know most musicians do drugs, but he looks really really high. Worried fans have pleaded for him to seek help, not wanting him to be added to the too-long list of rap overdoses.

Post is acting differently at his shows than he used to. Some say that he just gets really into it, while others say that he is looking far too similar to Amy Winehouse's last shows before her overdose.

At another concert, a video surfaced of Post Malone struggling to hold a microphone, slurring his words, rolling his eyes, and falling during a performance of "I Fall Apart."

Amid all the speculation, Post Malone cleared the air at a Memphis concert in a composed manner. He said, "I am not on drugs, and I feel the best I ever f***ing felt in my whole life." In a recent article with GQ, he vowed that he would be staying away from substances other than alcohol in the wake of Juice Wrld's passing.

Ultimately, there is no way for us to confirm the truth, but it is promising to see so many fans offering support and concern rather than criticism. Though with a fanbase as strong as Post's, we should hardly be surprised. His fans, along with everyone else, pray Post Malone does not join the extensive list of young musician's lives lost too soon.


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