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Janelle Monáe Tells White Allies To Open Their Eyes To Systematic Racism

Janelle Monáe asks white allies in the Black Lives Matter movement to open their eyes and actually stand up to systematic racism. She is sick of the fronting, faking, and performative activism.

The singer and actress spoke with Variety for its "Power of Women" Issue about America's current state and what's currently going on with the murder of multiple Black people by not just racists but police officers, and all of the protests following the murders. She says, "people — especially white people — [need] to wake up". Shen continues to say, "Because we need you. We need more people inside these places, inside these police precincts and these buildings, to stand up. And to be marching. And to be right there with us."

Monáe is one of many furious celebrities who are demanding change and know the value of white allies' privilege.


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