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Kanye's Sunday "Silver Lining"

Kanye hosted another spectacular show this Sunday, part of his recurring “Sunday Service” Christian performances that feature a choir and religious praise in the form of song. Kanye has been hosting Sunday Service performances every Sunday since January 6th, 2019, with every week bringing a different location across the US. When asked about the starting of the Sunday service, West responded with, “Actually, when I went to the hospital a few years ago, I wrote in the hospital ‘start a church in Calabasas.’ It’s something I had a feeling that I had to do, that God put in my heart, and now He just keeps taking me on to new levels and taking us to new levels that we didn’t even imagine before.” His church gatherings are only one facet of his Christian journey, with the release of Jesus is King this past October, the ninth studio album by Kanye that focuses heavily on West’s relationship with God.

The most recent secret service took place in Miami, Florida, where West held his original opera, Mary, as a visualization of his interpretation of Jesus’ birth. Made up of 12 scenes, Mary told the story of the birth of Jesus through the complicated vision of West. Hundreds of his choir members gathered on a rehabilitated barge that hosted concert-goers for $200 a ticket. The artist performed old classics, such as “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Power” (without the curse words, of course), along with traditional Christmas songs. The setting sun on the Atlantic was not the only thing glistening, though, as every member of the choir was donned in silver paint, including the man himself. The unique addition added yet another special element to Kanye’s production. The performance wouldn’t be complete without a theatric exit, and West did not disappoint. He left the audience roaring as he sped away in a speed boat, as dramatic as ever. As one audience member said in reference to the performance, “It was amazing.” As long as Kanye West continues his journey with God, we should expect to see many extraordinary performances and music works, hopefully as shiny as the one that took place on December 8th, 2019.

Stay tuned for Kanye West’s upcoming album, Jesus is Born, set to be released on December 25th.


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