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Krooked Kings 'The Comedown' is Your Indie Soundtrack For This Fall Season

Rising Salt Lake City indie band Krooked Kings released their debut album, The Comedown, on September 24.

Despite the isolation of the last few years, the band has emerged from lockdown with millions of streams and a substantial following on TikTok. Krooked Kings recently played a slew of sold-out shows and received recognition on Spotify's curated "Fresh Finds" and "undercurrents" playlists.

Fans of The Backseat Lovers, HUNNY, and Wallows will love Krooked Kings.

The Comedown is an authentic glimpse into the highs and lows of adolescence, with tracks addressing heartbreak, friendships, and impending adulthood.

The layered guitars and uptempo drum track of "Boxed Wine" will have you dancing around your room–the song's main instrumental melody presents a strong opening to the album. Krooked Kings then slows things down with "Dan's Basement," which showcases strong vocal melodies and a dynamic arrangement. "Suburbia" is a rebellion against life in an office and a message to haters; clever lyrics about trophy wives and 9-to-5s make the track a highlight of the release. The melodic guitar solo transitions seamlessly back into the final chorus section with lead lines that boost the energy and impact of the song.

The acoustic guitar progression of "Oh Eliza" is pensive and vulnerable, evoking feelings of bittersweet nostalgia. The final chord of the soft progression is refreshing–it contrasts beautifully with the relaxed vocals. At the very end of the song, a few seconds of subtle keyboard melodies accompany the guitar to the final resolution; a detail that feels extremely personal and introspective. "'96 Subaru" is a fitting name for the sixth track of The Comedown, given that it's the perfect road trip anthem. The music video follows the band on their journey to meet with a record label in California. The series of vlogs from the road, as well as various shots of a desert-performance make for a fantastic visual element to the song.

Check out The Comedown now and let us know what you think.



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