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LEISURE's 'Side A' Will Send You the Best Quarantine Vibes

New Zealand supergroup LEISURE released their EP Side A on October 30. True to the band's name, the EP is understated and groovy, radiating a warm, relaxed energy. Each of the tracks brings something new to the EP, but the use of a similar synth patch throughout Side A makes it an extremely cohesive and captivating release.

The light harmonies and lilting melodies of "Slipping Away," the first song on the EP, make it one of LEISURE's most popular songs. The EP was written in Paris, where the five bandmates were quarantined together, isolated from their families. Side A perfectly captures the restless yearning of being separated from loved ones and the rest of the world.

“We were away for about 3 weeks so everyone was feeling the distance I think,” LEISURE’s Tom Young shared. “When you’re going through the daily timetable with your significant other you can sometimes take some things for granted. Sometimes it takes a bit of space between you to get a clearer view. Take that and then throw in five songwriters, shit loads of cask wine and you might have yourself a few yearners.”

Listen to Side A below and let us know what you think.



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