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Lil Wayne Teams Up With Fousheé for New Song and Video “Gold Fronts”

Fousheé and Lil Wayne have joined forces again on the alternative artist’s new song "Gold Fronts."

The two also dropped a music video for the new track. Shots of Fousheé walking between liquor store isles and sitting outside amongst people are pair well with her lyrics about being resilient and not allowing the trials and tribulations of life to strip her gold front grills and personality away.

Wayne then doubles down on this theme, emphasizing over the strung instrumental that "They can’t take these gold teeth/ They can’t take this gold leaf that I just rolled up/They can’t take my gold blunt/Can’t tape my bullet holes up."

When talking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music about how the collaboration came together, Fousheé revealed that she got his verse after showing him "Gold Fronts" in person.

"It started with Wayne DMed me, just showing love," she explains. "I threw out the idea to work and he was with it. And I was so shocked. This is someone that I listen to him. I was just like… This is what a lot of those moments where I’m just like… There’s nothing like…. I got my sound effects too. That was planned. Yeah. So he agreed to work."

Listen to the new song and watch the music video below. Let us know what you think!



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