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Lil Wayne Releases "Ain't Got Time" After Trump Pardon

Less than two days after being pardoned by Trump, Lil Wayne has released a new song that addresses the federal weapon charges from which he was granted clemency. In "Ain't Got Time," a R!o & Kamo-produced track, Wayne ponders the possibilities of what might have happened to his life and career in the wake of a December 2019 raid on his plane.

"Full of vanilla, flyin' over chocolate mountains / I stare at the Pacific while I'm smokin' on a kilometer / The feds, they hot on us, one hundred on the thermometer / They raided my private plane, I went got one that's more privater," Wayne raps, feeling invincible. He tweeted a thank you note to the former president.

Check out the track, which features Fousheé, and let us know if what you think of Lil Wayne's relationship with Trump.



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