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Here's What B.B. King's Estate Said About Lil Wayne's "B.B King Freestyle"

With the release of No Ceilings 3, Lil Wayne also gave a nod to the iconic B.B. King. with "B.B. King Freestyle," alongside a little help from Drake. The duo hasn't come together on a track since 2017, so they decided to break the internet. Now the estate of the late B.B. King has something to say.

A B.B. King biopic is on the way and it looks like they're looking to bring some artists on for the soundtrack. In an interview with Variety, chairman of B.B. King's estate, Vassal Benford, gave a "big thumbs up" to Lil Wayne and Drake upon hearing their latest release. They're not the only two on board so far. Dj Khaled's name has been tossed into the ring due to his work on No Ceilings 3. The estate also looks to add more influential and popular rappers to the album as a symbolic way "to usher in the new millennium with B.B. King."

The biopic's album is said to feature some of King's work while bringing in a more modern sound with rappers like Lil Wayne. We're excited to hear a collaboration with these musicians and are excited to see the upcoming biopic.

If you haven't heard "B.B. King Freestyle," check it out below and check out our review of the single.


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