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YUNGBLUD's New Single "mars" is Out of this World

On November 27, YUNGBLUD (Dominic Harrison) released new single "mars" ahead of his highly anticipated second album release next week.

YUNGBLUD revealed that "mars" was inspired by the story of a trans woman he met during the 2018 Vans Warped Tour. "She told me how her parents had come to the show with her, and how seeing our community helped them to understand that her coming out as trans wasn’t just a phase — this is who she really was," he said. "It made me cry to think that we could have that kind of impact and change people’s perceptions, just by being ourselves."

The song's emotional chord progressions, catchy hook, and raw vocals make "mars" especially moving. The track will be on Harrison’s upcoming album titled ‘WEIRD!’ which will be released December 4.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Harrison described 'WEIRD!' as a full journey. "The album is a neat whisky, uncensored version of my life: it talks about liberation in terms of sex, my identity and my mental health, as well as love, heartbreak, self-harm, suicide, depression… it’s like a series of Skins. I want it to be naïve and full of contradictions. This record doesn’t give a fuck what people think about it, because it’s telling the listener what life is truly about. I have a dialogue with my fanbase that allows us to say what we think – we’re rebelling against the idea that speaking our minds is wrong."

In the striking official "mars" music video, YUNGBLUD and several other people apply brightly colored makeup and lip-sync to the song, looking straight into the camera. As the song progresses, they’re attacked by figures off-screen, concluding the video with beaten faces.

Listen to "mars" and watch the music video below. Let us know what you think.



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