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Live at Roadrunner: Maisie Peters

In the realm of pop music, an enchanting union of bright melodies and British allure emerges with the rise of Maisie Peters, a burgeoning sensation who has electrified the pop industry. Her meteoric ascent to stardom is adorned with a string of chart-topping hits that have solidified her status as a powerhouse in the music world. Renowned for her girlhood-inspired music and distinctive pop-rock anthems, Maisie Peters delivered a captivating lineup of fan favorites during her performance. Drawing from her latest album, "The Good Witch," released in 2022, as well as her earlier discography, she delighted the audience with cherished tracks that capture the essence of her unique musical style.


The Good Witch

Coming of Age

Body Better

Love Him I Don't


You're Just a Boy (And I'm Kinda the Man)


John Hughes Movie

Two Weeks Ago / Worst of You / Night Changes / You Signed Up for This


The Band and I

Not Another Rockstar


I'm Trying (Not Friends)


There It Goes

Cate's Brother

History of Man

Lost the Breakup


Maisie Peters' live show at Boston's Roadrunner venue took her studio-recorded sound to the next level, mesmerizing the audience with her performance. Her vocals mirrored the studio versions of her songs but were enriched with unique interpretations and arrangements.

"The Good Witch," a highlight of the night, maintained the full energy of the original track, captivating the audience with its infectious chorus. This electrifying rendition brought out the song's upbeat essence, resonating with the crowd in a powerful way.

In contrast, "History of Man," performed during the encore with opener Grace Enger, introduced a more contemplative and wistful tone to the evening. This soulful ballad, a hymn for the heartbroken and hopeless romantics, brimmed with authenticity, longing, and nostalgia, standing out as a unique and emotionally charged performance.

Given the depth and quality of Maisie Peters' live show, she receives an 9/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for Sound in a Live Performance.


Maisie Peters stands out as a rising star in the pop music industry, not only for her unique lyrical prowess but also for her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level. Her lyrics are a masterful blend of relatable themes, vibrant beats, and an uncanny ability to evoke a wide range of emotions.

An example of her lyrical finesse can be found in the first song of the night, "The Good Witch." This track takes a fresh perspective on self-discovery and the complexities of growing up, allowing listeners to reflect on their own journeys of transformation and self-acceptance.

When the lights turned a violemnt red, Maisie Peters' lyrics in "Not Another Rockstar" are a journey that transports the audience to the very essence of a teenage girl's bedroom. With verses filled with vivid imagery and raw emotions, the song allows listeners to feel as if they're right there, sharing in the moments of teenage angst and the desire to scream at boys.

In "Not Another Rockstar," Maisie Peters’ skillfully paints a picture of young love, with lyrics that encapsulate the teenage experience of longing, frustrations, and the ups and downs of romance. The song captures the essence of a girl's inner world, where she dreams, yearns, and sometimes vents her emotions, and it does so with a relatability that transcends age, allowing audiences from all generations to connect with the vivid story told through the lyrics.

It's no wonder that when Maisie Peters’ takes the stage, her songs become anthems that resonate with audiences of all generations, as her lyrics not only speak to the heart but also invite listeners to feel in new and powerful ways.


As I stood in the midst of the electric atmosphere at Maisie Peters’ concert, it was as if an explosion of glitter and friendship bracelets had taken place within the very essence of the venue. Every facet of the experience was meticulously curated, down to the smallest detail.

The stage itself was a testament to Maisie's creative spirit, with her mic stand adorned with a kaleidoscope of friendship bracelets, each one a symbol of connection and shared moments with her devoted fan base. It was as if every bracelet held a unique story, a musical memory that bound her to her audience, a tangible representation of the profound bond between artist and admirer.

What struck me even more was the sense of unity that prevailed in the crowd. Everywhere you looked, people were proudly donning Maisie's heart-axe shirts, a symbol of their allegiance to her music and her message. It was as if, in that moment, the entire audience had become a collective embodiment of the artist's vision. The shirts were not mere garments but badges of belonging, announcing to the world that they were part of something bigger, a community of music lovers who resonated with Maisie.

In this magical explosion of glitter, friendship bracelets, and heart-axe shirts, Maisie Peters’ concert wasn't just a musical performance; it was a celebration of togetherness and the transformative power of music. It spoke to the way music can bring people from all walks of life together, forging bonds that transcend time and place. This experience, with its attention to detail and the unifying spirit it instilled in the crowd, made me realize that a Maisie Peters concert wasn't just about the songs; it was about the magical tapestry of emotions and connections that she wove into the hearts of her fans, creating a night to be remembered for a lifetime.

As a whole, Peters delivered an explosive pop-punk set at Roadrunner, earning a total rating of 10/10 on the Intersect Live Music Scale. Check out her music below.

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