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Movie Club "Fangtooth" is a Riveting Rock 'n Roll Adventure

Instrumental rock duo Movie Club is back with their riveting and expressive EP, Fangtooth.

Band members Jessamyn Violet and Vince Cuneo take listeners on a twisted rock 'n roll adventure; the EP tells a full story of the suspense, action, glory, and chaos of the past year. Being fully instrumental, Fangtooth is universally relatable, defying the need of lyrics to create undeniably powerful emotion.

About the EP, Violet shared, "we consider our job to be like painting with our instruments." She continued: "we have to express everything through sounds and dynamics, letting listeners interpret their own meaning."

Photo by Dustin Downing

All five tracks of Fangtooth feature horns, with David Ralicke (Dengue Fever, Ozomatli) playing the flute as well as both baritone and tenor saxophone. His use of a custom effects rig adds to the surreal, multi-layered sound of the release. Also featured on the track is Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, Empire of the Sun) on the bass. Fangtooth was mixed by Mark Rains (Paranoyds, Death Valley Girls), and mastered by Brian Lucey (Green Day, Black Keys) at Magic Garden Mastering. Cuneo spoke about the collaborations: "Working with this team of talented people that understand our approach to music has been invaluable. We always try to add new voices to every record because collaboration is why this project exists and continues to grow."

Photo by Dustin Downing

"Ghost in the Machine" is a dynamic masterpiece, beginning with a downtempo rhythm section groove and ambient guitar lines. The intro of the song is the calm before a tidal wave of thrilling tone and electrifying instrumentation.

The sinister, surf-rock reminiscent sounds of "Badlands" are sure to have you on the edge of your seat with every note and beat. The song's melodies are thoughtfully arranged; the high register of the guitar lines pop out from the rest of the mix in all the right ways.

Although each of the tracks on Fangtooth go hand-in-hand with the EP's title and cover art, "Underwater Highway" in particular evokes vivid imagery of a dangerous fanged creature lurking beneath the water's surface. The song's energy pushes and pulls like the tide, drawing listeners in with understated suspense before building up to captivating sections of monumental strength.

Listen to Fangtooth now and let us know what you think.



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