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Moxie Raia Shares New Single "Love Language" Alongside Sensual Music Video

Rising artist Moxie Raia has released her newest single, "Love Language." An anthem about lover’s intuition, control, and mistrust, the lyrics are set against a backdrop of upbeat tempos reminiscent of early Aaliyah songs.

Speaking on the inspiration behind "Love Language," Moxie told Intersect: "The track is about the suffocating insecurity of a lover who’s constantly accusing. This causes some chaos and miscommunication in their love language. The reality is what are they doing? In the song I’m telling the guy to look within himself instead of trying to control me."

As an energetic and promising artist — who's toured with Justin Bieber while simultaneously creating music with artists like Post Malone and Pusha T — Moxie won't be held back. "This track 'Love Language' is about a woman focused on her purpose and secure within herself," she told Intersect. "Her elevation makes an insecure partner think she's out there doing things when in reality it's his dishonesty that he's projecting."

Moxie's song visuals have amassed over 100 million views on YouTube, where her fans loyally watch — and relate to — her stories of deep love and pain. "Love Language" arrives alongside a sensual, brooding music video full of striking fashion moments.

Listen to "Love Language" below and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more on Moxie — we have a feeling we'll be hearing more on the rising artist soon.



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