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NASAYA and MARO Team Up for New Single "TEMPO"

Berklee College of Music graduates NASAYA and MARO teamed up to release new single "TEMPO" via Foreign Family Collective, an independent label created by electronic power duo ODESZA.

MARO shared about the single: "'TEMPO' is a good first glimpse to the world NASAYA and I are starting to create. It regards time and its spiral sensation, which we then print by doing a play with words on a repetitive, nostalgic beat."

"TEMPO" was released on June 15, and is a perfect house music mosaic of a multitude of genre influences. Jazz, pop, dance music, and even some rock elements can be found throughout the tune. The song is a light and bubbly, with lively rhythms, ethereal vocal tracks, and a happy-go-lucky feel. With nightlife and dance clubs reopening again, the timing of this release could not have been better. "TEMPO"'s bouncing bass and synth tones make it ideal for summertime moving, grooving, and house-rocking.

"I’ve wanted to write a song that feels like 'TEMPO' for a long time," shared NASAYA. "Writing this was such a fun process as it’s a bit of a collage from parts of other songs we wrote and it came together super quickly."

Listen to "TEMPO" below and let us know what you think.



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