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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Caroline Polachek to Omar Apollo

One single and two albums — these are our favorite new releases from this week.

Caroline Polachek's "Desire, I Want to Turn Into You"

Following her 2019 release of "Pang", Polacheck released her new experimental pop album "Desire, I want to Turn Into You." Listen to the album below.

Omar Apollo's "3 Boys"

The Grammys Best New Artist nominee Opar Apollo released his first song of 2023. As the title insinuates, "3 Boys" explores non-monogamy and relationship complications. Listen to the song below.

Avey Tare's "7s"

Following his 2019 release of "Cows on Hourglass Pond", Animal Collective's Avey Tare released the solo album "7s". Listen to the album below.

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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