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Press Play: Tasha Releases New Single "Michigan"

Chicago-born artist Tasha's new single "Michigan," produced by Gregory Uhlmann, delves into the profound themes of loss, uncertain infatuation, and the enduring presence of love and pleasure. Her familiar voice flutes over a dazzling, expansive jangle of guitar, signaling an evolution from the quiet introspection of her earlier work to a grander, more symphonic sound. "Michigan" is, in many ways, an auditory and artistic promise of the abundance to come.

Alexa Viscius ©

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Tasha shares, “In October of 2022 I took myself on a writing trip to a friend's house in Michigan. The little dog I shared with my girlfriend at the time had just died, and the trip was both lonely and extremely creatively fulfilling. I wrote this song near the end of that trip, sitting on the deck, facing the trees and the sky, communing with the birds and other small wildlife. This song is about the missing and the return; the reliable comfort of a sunset on a nice day, a friend to sit with, and the shining hope of more comfort to come. Don’t you feel pretty in this fading light?”

With "Michigan," Tasha invites listeners into a richly textured soundscape, marking a new chapter in her musical journey. The single not only captures the essence of her personal experiences but also promises a future filled with creative abundance and emotional depth.

Listen to "Michigan" below.


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