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In Review: Remi Wolf's "Prescription"

Remi Wolf, the American singer, songwriter, and musician, has garnered recognition for her dynamic and diverse musical style. With a fusion of pop, funk, indie, and R&B, Wolf crafts a vibrant and distinctive sound that captivates listeners. Her infectious melodies, lighthearted lyrics, and powerful vocal deliveries have propelled her into the spotlight. Remi released her new single, Prescription, and here's what we think.


Fans never know what to expect from Remi's production and vocals, as she is an ever-growing character, but she perfectly delivered a new and innovative sound with this track. In the beginning, the instrumental is slow but funky. This track was produced by her, Solomonic, and Knox Fortune, who are all very talented, and it is easy to see their chemistry come to fruition in the production. There are an abundant amount of layers in the track, including many jazzy elements, such as the inclusion of a horn section and various percussive elements. Remi’s vocals are extremely passionate and her harmonies bring a positive vigor to the song. The ending of song has a huge climax and ends with a fade out, channeling a notorious 70’s sound. She earns an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for her sound.


Remi sings sweet lyrics about the wondrous feelings that come with a new relationship, but these feelings are clouded by insecure thoughts that reflect the fear that comes with said relationship. She sings, “Hold me by the hand, take me wherever you can, and I'll always tag along.” She uses the metaphor of a prescription drug to express her reliance on the person she’s in love with, saying, “You're my one prescription.” Using the metaphor of a prescription drug was an ideal choice, as it shows both the unhealthy reliance on the lover and the relief the lover could provide. Remi gets a 7/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for her lyrics.


This track came to be through the director Boots Riley. He had asked Remi to make a track that would appear in his new show, “Im a Virgo,” based on a specific scene that he had shown her. Remi originally made a 7-minute version of the track, but she shortened it to about 3 minutes for the show. Both versions have been released on streaming services for fans to enjoy, and it will be thrilling to see how his song translates on screen. Remi gains an 8/10 for her art.

Overall, Remi Wolf gets an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream, "Prescription" below.


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