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Rihanna Teases Fans with the Release of R9

Picture this: it’s 2016, ANTI was just released, “Needed Me” is at the top of the charts, and life is good. Everyone and their mother have bumped to Queen Ri, making her a defining artist of the aughts and tens.

Rihanna has been oddly quiet since the release of her last album, featuring on records such as “Wild Thoughts” by DJ Khaled and leaving her fans waiting for a new album. According to Rihanna’s response to a fan comment on Instagram in 2018 (pictured below), the album is being released in 2019. But as 2020 approaches rapidly, doubts are high that we will endure yet another year without a new album.

This isn’t to say Rihanna hasn’t had her hands full. She has created an all-inclusive makeup brand, designed a lingerie line, starred in movies, wrote a book, and more. Her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, has been wildly successful since its debut in September 2017 for the astounding range of shades, wonderful colors, and top-tier formulas. The lingerie line, Savage x Fenty provides many affordable styles for all sizes. Starring in movies such as Ocean’s 8 and Guava Island and writing a memoir, Rihanna has spread to many industries and brought her positive impact.

Rihanna has been known for a range of music vibes: from bops, to ballads, to straight-up good jams. Hopefully, her new album will feature the range of emotion that Rihanna listeners everywhere have come to love. She clearly seems to be enjoying the unreleased tracks herself, as shown in a video of a dancing dog posted to her Instagram December 22nd with the caption, “Update: me listening to R9 by myself refusing to release it.”

Rihanna is making us wonder, will the album really be released before 2019 comes to a close? Rihanna fans everywhere are praying for the perfect gift to top off the year.


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