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Royal Blood Releases Hot New Single "Boilermaker"

Alternative rock band Royal Blood released high-energy single "Boilermaker" on April 13, ahead of their upcoming album.

"Boilermaker" is the fourth track the band has teased, and will be featured on Typhoons, along with "Limbo," "Typhoons," "Trouble's Coming", and more. Upon its release, "Trouble's Coming" hit #1 on both the US Rock Radio Chart and the Canadian Rock Radio Chart. The single has stayed at #3 on the chart for the past 24 weeks.

In a statement, bassist and vocalist Mike Kerr shared: “I had ‘Boilermaker’ up my sleeve and it felt like a very natural decision to go and cut that track at his studio. Josh is such a strong-willed character. He gave us such confidence in ourselves.”

Produced by Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, "Boilermaker" is an essential for your next playlist. The song features epic bass riffs, heavy driving drum rhythms, and an unrivaled pocket. The lyrics and vocal melodies sit perfectly in the mix, giving the single its classic Royal Blood sound.

Royal Blood also released an official music video for "Boilermaker," which was directed by Liam Lynch, who has worked with the likes of Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. In the video, a man with tattoos and a leather jacket multiplies in a psychedelic explosion of rock 'n roll whimsey.

Listen to "Boilermaker" below and let us know what you think.



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