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The Emerging Band lighthearted's Experimental New Single 'the cold'

A set of twins in Athens, Georgia have crafted music that falls gracefully into listeners' ears. Under the band name lighthearted, Gracie Huffman and Eliza Lemmon (as well as their team of incredible musicians) recently released their single, 'the cold.'

With dreamy complimentary guitar and piano melodies over a muffled drum beat, Huffman’s vocal performance shines through as Lemmon harmonizes. The production elements of this song are experimental when looking back at lighthearted’s previous work, marking this as a new era for the band.

The lyrics dive into the pathetic fallacy of the ending of a relationship paralleled with the changing seasons. The difficulty of adjusting to both at the same time adopts complex thoughts and feelings. When talking about the recording process, Gracie shares, “It gave “the cold” the movement that reflected my uneasy and hesitant process of breaking off a relationship that meant a lot to me. This song was one that I was hesitant to share, but it has turned into one of my favorites.”

Reflective of their inspirations, The Head and The Heart, Bon Iver, and Big Thief, “the cold” encapsulates the band’s ability to connect complex lyricism with groovy, catchy melodies. This is their third single from their debut album which is expected to be released in the Spring of 2023.

Listen to “the cold” below.



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