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Emerging Indie Rock Artist Jordan Dean Releases 'Quiet On Set'

A new face emerges into the Nashville indie rock scene with Jordan Dean’s latest single, “Quiet On Set.” With a sound reminiscent of Y2K punk, the track brings a refreshing sound to audiences' ears. A thumpy guitar serves as the song’s foundation and the instrumentation built over it effortlessly adds to its bang-your-head, scream-in-car vibes.

The single's lyricism highlights the relationship between the notes of the melody and the words themselves: “Talk about nothing all of the time // Such a pretty face, nothing behind the eyes // You are keen to pretend // Quiet on set.” With its halting melodies, Dean places facile emphasis on the simple, yet loaded lyrics.

As Jordan Dean continues to write lively music, he reveals more of his potential for success within the indie music scene. Follow Jordan Dean’s journey on IG @JordanDeaner.

Listen to “Quiet On Set” below.


~Kimi Carter, 2022


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