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Emerging Artist Bea Bitter Demonstrates Strong Lyricism with 'Ruth's Song'

Brenna Kasis is making waves in Nashville, Tennessee with her new release, “Ruth’s Song”, under the name Bea Bitter. Also a member of the band Venus and the Flytraps, Kasis shows her vibrant colors in her solo project. With an acoustic, crunchy electric guitar on top of a solid drum pattern, “Ruth’s Song” spotlights Kasis’ vocal performance and lyricism.

This song tackles the dichotomy between being in your twenties, working a part time job, and being stuck in a routine and wanting to run away but not knowing when that will happen. The dynamics of the song add to the overarching emotion it conveys, transitioning from stacked vocals and intense guitar riffs to a quiet single vocal with an acoustic guitar. With 10,000 monthly listeners, Bea Bitter carves out her own path, inviting more fans to join the journey with each release.

Follow her journey on IG @bitterbea


Listen to “Ruth’s Song” below.

~Kimi Carter, 2022


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