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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Cleo Sol to PinkPatheress

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.

Cleo Sol's Gold

Cleo Sol returns with her heavenly vocals, buttery bass lines, and unadulterated groove with her second album in two weeks, “Gold.” Following her soulful and dreamy album, “Heaven,” released September 15th, Sol is back with more to bathe you in her rich and sultry artistry once more. Sitting at ten tracks, "Gold" is full of reflective, healing, and breathtaking tracks that take you through a journey of Sol’s vast and immense life experience. The LP explores faith, love, and growth, where Cleo Sol is bursting with vitality and optimism. This is truly music to lift your spirits.

Montykeats' "PANIC!"

Montykeats releases his self-proclaimed “hyper-rock” debut single “PANIC!” The gritty track is filled with Hyperpop, and Synthpop influences juxtaposed with thrashing rock and roll guitar riffs and a pop-punk edge that keeps you guessing throughout the 3-minute track. The vampy track is chaotic in all the best ways; the artist shares, "I get to be loud, angry, tell everyone how I feel and not feel guilty about it. Through my artistry, I have learned I deserve to be heard." The "hyper-rock" track features hooks that'll have you screaming along, “Cut deeper/ Cut out the panic!” and “I know you have a temper/ You say they're out to get ya.” If you need a track to live out the pop-punk dreams of your youth, it's here.

Flyana Boss' "Bitch Imma Star"

After running through the streets of every major city in America screaming out their iconic line, “Hello, Christ? I’m ‘bout to sin again,” the duo is back with a heavy-hitting single, “Bitch Imma Star.” Filled with shaking beats, quippy lines, and comedic samples, these LA-based rising stars are making waves in the ‘pretty girl rap’ subgenre. The duo comes out of the gates swinging with the instantly memorable bar, “Ok, my booty in the eye of the beholder/ He’s a dog, so I told him to roll over.” For all of your “I’m feeling myself” moments, Flyana Boss has you covered with their hilariously real song of the weekend, “Bitch Imma Star.”

LEISURE's Leisurevision

The soul-electronic collective LEISURE released their innovative and soulful fourth album, leisurevision, today. This twelve-track LP is nothing short of groovy, addicting, and a complete fusion of genres. Blending elements of jazz, electronic, soul, and pop, this album is completely unique and mesmerizing. The highlight of this album, in my eyes, is the eighth track, “Above Me.” The single features pulsing beats, airy guitars, dreamlike production, and echoing vocals that have you transcending as the band sings the melancholy lyrics “Too many nights/ Too many lows/ So many problems I can't solve.”

PinkPantheress' "Mosquito"

Alt-pop princess PinkPantheress graces listeners' ears with her latest two-step bop, “Mosquito.” Unlike previous PinkPantheress tracks, “Mosquito” opens with an acoustic guitar lead before the spiraling electronic beat kicks in. This track is a total earworm with a catchy melody and even catchier lyrics. The singer takes listeners on a love-struck journey with the catchy chorus, “Cause I just had a dream I was dead/ And I only cared 'cause I was taken from you/ You're the only thing that I own/ I hear my bell ring, I'd only answer for you.”

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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