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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Flo Mili to Bombay Bicycle Club

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.

Flo Milli's "BGC"

Flo Mili Shit! Flo Mili is back for all of your hot girl needs. Flo Mili’s “BGC” (Bad Girls Club) is fun, catchy and vocally driven. For long-time Flo Mili fans, “BGC” is a refreshing new addition to the artist's discography, with the rapper singing for most of this track. Funny, iconic, and multi-talented, now that’s a really bad girl! “BGC” is the fifth single Flo Mili has released in four months, with all five tracks experimenting with groovy and retro beats, truly pushing the boundaries of what Flo Mili’s sound is.

Charli XCX's (feat. Sam Smith) "In The City"

Pop starlet and cultural icon Charli XCX is back with her latest electro-dance pop track with collaborator Sam Smith, “In The City.” Filled to the brim with pulsing beats, lilting vocals, and heavenly harmonies, Charli XCX and Sam Smith have never made perfect clubbing music. Elevating and refining the throwback electro-pop sounds of the 2010s, Charli XCX and Sam Smith return to what music really represents: having fun and being hot.

Jack Boyd's "Bad Parts"

Texas-based indie pop artist Jack Boyd is making a splash with his debut single “Bad Parts.” A self-proclaimed “mix of Alex G, Beabadoobee, and A.G. Cook,” Boyd creates an emotional and glittering soundscape. Featuring soulful and emotional lyrics like “​​You left parts of me strewn from here to LA/ The timing never was our friend/ I’ll forget the bad parts if you remember them,” “Bad Parts” is instantly memorable. Filled with bubbly synths, delicate acoustic guitar, vampy percussion, and evocative vocals, Boyd creates the perfect track for introspection and vibing out.

HotWax's Invite me, kindly

For fans of Joan Jett and Bikini Kill fans everywhere, the modern day Riot Girl album you’ve been searching for is here. Trio of teenage punk stars HotWax released their EP “Invite me, kindly” for a journey through their unadulterated, rage-filled psyche. Go ahead and queue up “E Flat” and “High Tea” if you’re particularly angry this weekend and go ahead and scream along. Gritty, electric and simply cathartic HotWax should be on your female rage playlist now!

Bombay Bicycle Club's My Big Day

Returning with their first full-length album in three years, Bombay Bicycle Club create dynamic, catchy, and joy-filled music in their sixth album, “My Big Day.” The quartet utilizes unforgettable bass lines, multi-dimensional vocals, and unique electronic beats to create a sparkling and effervescent album that will keep you on your toes. Tracks like “Onward” and “Diving feat. Holly Humberstone” particularly stand out with their witty lyricism and dynamic beats, only leaving you wanting more.

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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