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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From greek to KAYTRANADA

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.

KAYTRANADA’s Lover/Friend

KAYTRANADA is back to bless our ears with his banger of a dual single, “Lover/Friend.” The first track, “Lover/Friend,” features glimmering synths, two-step beats, and the buttery vocals of Rochelle Jordan. The second track, “Stuntin,” is a bouncy track with a heavier bass featuring the intoxicating vocals of Channel Tres. Over both tracks, KAYTRANADA creates distinctive and immersive soundscapes that are dripping with swagger and groove. And for those who appreciate the art of immaculate multilayered production, KAYTRANADA blesses us with the instrumental version of both songs for those who love a fierce beat. Stream the A and B sides of “Lover/Friend” this weekend for your quintessential R&B needs.

greek’s "THERE FOR YOU"

Seamlessly blending R&B and alternative rock stylings, greek creates a groovy and evocative soundscape in his latest track, “There For You.” Blending soft drum lines with groovy bass lines and twinkling synths, greek carefully crafts a dynamic soundscape of wistful heartbreak. From start to finish, “There For You” is filled with yearning lyrics like “If I told you I’m conflicted/ Could this bloom a little faster?“ that’ll have your heart aching along with the artist. greek creates an introspective and groovy track for tender-hearted R&B lovers this weekend!

Field Medic’s Dope Girl Chronicles

Acoustic singer-songwriter Field Medic released his nine-track album Dope Girl Chronicles for all your indie folk needs this weekend. Blending lilting guitar lines with quirky beats and emotional and soulful lyricism, there is something for everyone in this EP. Tracks like “clear thoughts of morning” stand out with its acoustic R&B leaning beats and shimmering guitar, and tracks like “dope girl” and “cemetery” are classic Field Medic tracks with multilayered production and heavenly guitar lines. With emotive vocals, quirky bass lines, delicate acoustic guitar Dope Girl Chronicles becomes the ideal project for introspection and the peaceful moments.

Dove Cameron’s Alchemical: Volume 1

The latest addition to Disney star turned chart-topper, Dove Cameron, releases her debut album Alchemical: Volume 1. Blending hyper pop and rock elements, Cameron crafts track after track aimed to resonate with everyone navigating their tumultuous twenties while still having a good time. Cameron fuses heavy-hitting lyrics with danceable beats to create a captivating concoction of chaos and emotion. Tracks like "Breakfast" and "White Glove" are filled with pulsing beats and gritty bass lines, whereas tracks like “Sand” will have you lying on your floor with tear-filled eyes. Stream Alchemical: Volume 1 for all of your introspective pop needs.

Sun Room’s "At Least I Tried"

Indie rockers Sun Room make a triumphant return with their latest LP, "At Least I Tried." Filled with gritty and shimmering guitar hooks, grunge vocals, and thrashing percussion, this EP is an effervescent and evocative grunge spin on Sun Room’s discography. The title track, “At Least I Tried,” is a personal favorite with its vampy bass lines and y2k punk vocals that whisked me back to times of All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. The closing track, “Stuck In The Heat,” is immediately iconic in my mind with its trilling guitar solo, scream-like vocals, and lyrics dripping with irony. For grunge fans, I recommend you listen to “At Least I Tried”!

Beyoncé’s MY HOUSE

Christmas came early! Beyoncé is back. Queen Bey blesses our ears on this random Friday morning with her bold and dance-worthy house track “MY HOUSE.” Continuing production and creative practices from RENAISSANCE, Beyoncé opens the track with a sample of roaring vocals that proclaim, “Who let goons outta the house?” followed by a pulsing dance beat that makes you want to move. “MY HOUSE” was co-produced by longtime Beyoncé collaborator, The-Dream, and he did not come to play! Featuring soul-shaking bass lines, triumphant horns, sultry vocals, and an intergalactic electro-pop soundscape, "MY HOUSE" is a beautiful look into what is to come from this megastar. Stream “MY HOUSE” and go watch the RENAISSANCE film this weekend!

Check back next week for more must-listens.

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