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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Saleka to Summer Walk

Stream our favorite music releases from this past week.

Saleka’s Seance

Nepo baby? Sure, but a talented one at that. Saleka Shamalyan (yes, daughter of one Mr. M. Night) dropped the ever-so-obvious last name for the sake of her stage career, and it's clear she has the vocal chops to stand alone through her debut LP.

The Dare’s The Sex EP

Like 'Girls', the solo act’s previous single, there are only so many settings suitable for his latest in "Sex" or any other songs of The Sex EP, but who cares? Undeniably witty, unnecessarily horny, bombastic from start to finish, and still worth a listen, even if it bothers the hell out of you.

Moor Mother’s Jazz Codes

Though it can be hard to keep up with the cacophony put forth on Jazz Codes, it's truly part of the listening experience and more of what we expect from Moor Mother. Hypnotic from top to bottom, this is as much of an acquired taste as what The Dare gave us this week -- but don't let that stop you.

Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar’s “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM”

If there was one song, everyone flocked to this week, here it is. And while people may be scratching their heads at the feature of choice, you could never go wrong with a Kendrick verse, as he's proven repeatedly, with this being no exception.

Summer Walker’s “New Type” (featuring Childish Gambino)

Who knows just how many more features Childish Gambino has left in him? Sure, the Wu-Tang-name-generated pseudonym is no more than a mask, and if Glover soon decides to retire it, we don’t expect him to get as pretentiously corny as others. Either way, disregard the tangent and check out Summer Walker's latest EP -- this is just a personal highlight.


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