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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Taylor Swift to Devon Thompson

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

“The rest of the world’s in black and white” but Taylor Swift is “in screaming color” returning with the re-record of 1989: an album of pop perfection. With every re-record Swift adds depth and new meaning to her more personal songs like “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” “Clean” and “New Romantics” with her vocal maturity and depth. Provides fans with greater insight into her psyche and 20-something coming of age with her ‘From The Vault’ tracks like “Now We Don’t Talk” and “Slut!” If you feel like dancing around and getting a blast of 2014 nostalgia, queue up 1989 (Taylor’s Version.)

FIZZ’s The Secret to Life

Dynamic, effervescent and just plain fun! British alt rock band FIZZ composed of Dodie, Orla Gartland, Greta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown are setting the bar high with their debut album The Secret to Life. As someone who was familiar with many of the bandmates individual previous releases, I was ecstatic to see this quartet form. Blending the honest lyricism, striking guitar licks and heavenly harmonies of their solo careers to create something lively, captivating and unique, FIZZ should be on your radar. From the gritty “As Good As It Gets” to the gentle and transcendent sounds of “You, Me, Lonely” The Secret to Life is a versatile debut album that has something for everyone.

Lowertown’s Skin of My Teeth

Gritty and eerie, Atlanta duo Lowertown are back with an experimental and enchanting four track EP Skin of My Teeth. Following touring with Beabadoobee and the close of their record deal with Dirty Hit this garage rock duo is ready to make it on their own and their doing so with grace and that Lowertown spunk that long time listeners have come to love. Grunge bedroom rock at its finest Skin of My Teeth is an enchanting exploration of glimmering guitar hooks, hypnotizing vocals and radiohead-esque bass lines. Tracks like “Bline” and “Obscurity” are my personal favorites and only make me wish the tracklist was extended. You can also read or interview with Lowertown here!

Wild Nothing’s Hold

Surf rock artist Jack Tatus (aka Wild Nothing) makes his return from a three year hiatus with his multi-dimensional and exploratory sixth album Hold. This album is celestial, groovy and 80s inspired. Filled with tongue and cheek lyrics, looping guitar hooks, echoing vocals and twinkling synths. Tracks like “Suburban Solutions” really set the tone with its A-ha-esque instrumentation and catchy lyricism and tracks like “Alex” subvert your expectations with its gentle candor and truly expand the artist's soundscape. Queue up some Wild Nothing this weekend!

Devon Thompson’s “So Close”

Vampy and sultry alternative pop singer Devon Thompson lures you into her transcendent world in her latest single “So Close.” Thompson explains that this track “is for the people who love those moody, dark, intense, hot songs that make you feel almost feral and crazy… but in a good way.” “So Close” is lusty, dark and moody with its gritty guitar hooks and echoing back-up vocals. This track strikes a perfect balance between moody and dynamic, making it the perfect song to stream as you get ready for all of your Halloween activities this weekend.

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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