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What's New in Fashion: From Luar to Heaven

Our two favorite new collections.

Luar x Mejuri

Luar and Mejuri have collaborated to put a modern-day spin on three classic pieces: the gold hoop, the handbag, and a combo of the two, a handbag-shaped earring charm. Featuring a jewelry-esque golden chain, the mini white handbag can be worn cross-body, over the shoulder, or in hand. The earrings are a golden hoop with a double-sided gold and white hoop for another adjustable hoop. Lastly, the “Ana” Hoop Charm, a small handbag-shaped earring piece with white topaz, can be worn on the earrings after switching them out with the reversible gold and white hoops. Five dollars from each sale of a product will be donated to Stonewall Community Foundation.

Heaven by Marc Jacobs First SS23 Drop

Featuring Ice Spice, Ethel Cain, Michèle Lamy, M3gan, and Lil Uzi Vert, the first Heaven drop of the SS23 season was widely received by Gen Z. With reviews running rampant across the Twitter and Tiktok-sphere, the drop incorporated the essence of Y2K that the younger generations are craving in new pieces as well as the typical cultural grabs that keep the 2000’s kids selling the brand out. Not limited to the “country-core” trend across Instagram and in this collection: a tattered American flag knit sweater, trucker hats, cowboy chaps over jeans, red, white, and blue baby tees, a denim jumpsuit, and of course, Ice Spice peaking through a barbed wire fence in a tan, star patterned bodycon and platform black leather boots.


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