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What's New in Fashion: From Staud to Miaou

Our favorite new moments in fashion, hand-picked by our editors.

Staud Pre-Fall 24 Collection

Sarah Staudinger’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection for Staud is fixed on a “Summer woman” and was designed to blend the two (sometimes) differing nuances of femininity and effortlessness with a minimalist approach to crush this female-forward lookbook. Seemingly crafted for all ages, the drop delivers the utmost chic yet naturally elegant looks by utilizing proportions, shapes and colors to emphasize the ease of Summer fashion. Pops of red are seen on tailored bermuda shorts and a cropped knit top/wide legged pant co-ord, while a simple, oversized ecru short sleeve paired with a matching midi skirt revealing a suede tan boot breathes the same “in your face… but not” feel, regardless of these outfit’s individual pieces being contrary to one another. We further see how to achieve this unbothered, refined look through a classic button down underneath a v-neck sweater that peaks just above the waistband with a classy, red loafer as well as a monotone tan outfit comprised of a typical tank, button up shacket, sweater and flared ankle pants layered on top of one another - somehow contrasting the ragged look you may have been imagining and rather portraying the most put together mother on vacation that you hope to dress like one day. The diversity of styling, material and finish within this collection presents the individuality of what it means to dress effortlessly feminine, and I cannot wait to see how and who will put these pieces together in the coming Summer months.

Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses 

Essentializing the importance of preservation within heritage craft and sharing special ancestral traditions, Ralph Lauren has just released a capsule collection in collaboration with Navajo textile artist, Naiomi Glasses. This collection arrives within Ralph Lauren’s latest “Artist in Residence'' program, which aims to expand its own depiction of America through what and how they produce, by working with diverse creatives that have inspired the brand - and Glasses’ designs offer a beautiful first glance at what’s to come. Focused on Navajo motifs derived from the artist’s upbringing and surrounding culture, this collab very successfully created pieces that are traditional yet defined in a modern method. Thick wool sweaters, western style shirts and twill baseball caps are encapsulated with Indigenous designs and patterns to quickly spotlight their history and invite storytelling regarding both the Navajo craft and their experiences as a group of peoples. More pieces like tan woven hats and embroidered jeans not only offer unique styling blocks, but more importantly beg onlookers to stay curious and develop a new eye for understanding heritage and traditions within the beautiful artistry of the clothing itself to further centralize ‘Indigenous Excellence’ and those who perpetuate it.

Miaou Archive Winter 23 Collection

Miaou has released yet another empowering, sustainable and beautifully crafted archive collection for this Winter season. Designed with materials from their personal archive as well as vintage designer garments, this “it girl” brand has made its commitment to ethical production practices clear in an innovative and artisan fashion with this curated drop that promises pieces you’ve never dreamed of before. One-of-a-kind looks like a Vivienne Westwood draped asymmetrical dress, CDG reflective grey silk tights, or an Alexander McQueen satin jacquard high neck vest, you’ll have fellow fashionistas wondering what fashion house era your outfit mysteriously appeared from. Designing something fresh from something rather stale is a concept we need to see much more often in the fashion industry, and Miaou’s craftsmanship surrounding it should surely inspire others on how to keep fashion circular, creatively scrappy and long-lasting but still nuanced and stylish as ever. I mean, who doesn’t love being asked about their outfit and getting to share the special story behind it, especially when it works toward a healthier planet?

Check back next week for more.


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