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5 Beauty Products You Need in October

Fall is finally here. Cheers to the coziest and spookiest season of them all. When it comes to beauty, this month calls for blown-out hair, a good eye, red lips, comforting fragrances, and moisturized skin. Whether you are being festive and going apple-picking or just cuddling under a knit blanket, check out these must-have products thoughtfully chosen by our team of editors.

Glossier You XL Eau De Parfum

Glossier ©

Glossier has released an XL version of their much-loved fragrance, You Eau De Parfum. Now available in 100ml, doubling the original amount, you can indulge in a larger amount of yumminess. Perfect for Fall, this scent is woodsy, musky, and sweet, balanced with creamy, fresh Iris and sparkling Pink Pepper. This scent is warm, soft, and familiar, like a hug from someone you love. Purchase it now on the Glossier webstore.

Isla Beauty Whipped Dream

Isla Beauty ©

Whipped Dream is the ultimate face cream that's a game-changer for your skincare routine and will seamlessly prepare your skin for the weather changes in the Fall. This ultra-nourishing cream not only improves your skin's tone and texture but also acts as a formidable shield against environmental stressors. What sets Whipped Dream apart is its powerful concentration of key ingredients. With a remarkable 5% Niacinamide, it's clinically proven to fade those pesky dark marks and strengthen your skin's protective barrier. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles! This cream doesn't stop at moisturizing; it elevates your skincare game with the perfect blend of fatty acids, Centella Asiatica extract, Ectoin, and Hyaluronic Acid, cocooning your skin to ensure it's not just hydrated but radiantly healthy. Purchase it now on the Isla Beauty webstore.

Gucci Velvet Matte Lipstick

Gucci ©

The perfect shade of red. Elevate your lip game with Gucci's ultra-pigmented matte lipstick—a perfect fusion of luxury and bold self-expression. For Fall, we recommend the color 509 Janie Scarlet. This lipstick stands out as a testament to Gucci's commitment to both sophistication and innovation. Say goodbye to dry, smudged lips, thanks to a carefully crafted formula featuring nourishing oils and gelling waxes, which not only intensify the pigmentation but also offer a comfortable matte finish. Its exceptional gelling clay component ensures a seamlessly smooth and easy application, making it a go-to choice for every makeup enthusiast. Experience a new level of confidence and self-expression with Gucci's matte lipstick—your statement of individuality, redefined. Purchase it now on the Sephora webstore.

Le Regard Hermès

Hermès ©

In the Fall, a good eye can go a long way. Hermès is set to unveil Le Regard Hermès on October 13th, marking a significant milestone in the brand's evolution. This eye collection masterfully fuses technical expertise with a profound understanding of color, creating an entirely new realm that's both graphic and poetic. With an extensive range of colors, Hermès truly steps into the role of a color merchant. Distinct from the allure of "Rouge Hermès" and the outdoor charm of "Hermès Plein Air," Le Regard Hermès exudes character, strength, and an enigmatic expressiveness. Check out the palettes on Friday on the Hermès webstore.

Living proof Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo

Living proof ©

This dry shampoo is a silk press and blowout savior. Make your Fall hair appointment last longer with this remarkable dry shampoo. It's not just about a quick refresh; it's all about giving your fabulous hair a thorough clean. Say goodbye to unwanted oil, sweat, and odors and hello to hair that looks, feels, and smells as fresh as can be. It also features a captivating, long-lasting fragrance that'll make you stand out in a crowd. And guess what? It's talc-free, so you can feel good about using it. Plus, just to give you peace of mind, there's no benzene in the ingredients. Purchase it now on the Living proof webstore.

Check back next month for more must-have beauty products.


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