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In Review: FKA Twigs' "Caprisongs"

Released on January 14, 2022, FKA Twigs shared with us her much-anticipated mixtape, "Caprisongs". Her mixtape brings forth her renewed love for music and in her own words, "I learnt to laugh again and remember who I am". This 17 track mixtape whisks together all the emotions we feel at any point in our life whether it's meeting a friend, going to a party, or feeling of longing for someone.


FKA Twigs takes on a new approach with her mixtape displaying more of a carefree energy to which she has more avenues to explore. Starting with Ride The Dragon, we start with the sound of a mixtape being inserted ready to start our experience. The slow and reverb effect choice, Ride The Dragon gives us a very sensual song mixed along with choral voices, and vocal chopping has us really feeling that Twigs is truly talking to us. Honda gives Twigs the opportunity to showcase her rap skills where her flow comes naturally over a very dark, lucid beat. What brings this song together is the chemistry with her first feature, Pa Salieu. This chemistry brings the song together cohesively rather than clashing forces which happens often when artists bring features. Meta Angel starts us off with the hypnotic use of sound effects. The mixed-use of autotune, the heart of this song, comes from the harsh beats swirled cohesively with the harmonious vocals. Not just harmonious but one of her best vocal performances within this mixtape. Tears in the Club became the teaser that promoted this mixtape featuring R&B star, The Weeknd. This song really shines through with its piano but also the production Arca had on this, diving more into vocal chopping and really adding a futuristic layer within this song. Oh My Love leans into her use of sampling but also the simplicity the track gives. This R&B-oriented track's simplicity of vocals, hi-hats, synths, and samples illustrates that sometimes less is really more. Pamplemousse really emphasizes the direction of this mixtape of being carefree and bubbly as she dives into more hyper glitch sounds and beats creating a very electrifying song. Lightbeamers creates a very slow, soul-freeing song that incorporates the light usage of strings mixed with sonically placed pitched vocals. Papi Bones brings forth another feature, Shy Girl, and quickly establishes itself as a dance hall track that keeps one dancing on the floor. Which Way features Dystopia but really is the weakest link in the mixtape with its minor risks and structured production and missed opportunity in really utilizing vocal chopping. Jealousy adds another artist, Rema, to this R&B, soul, and funk-influenced textured song. Twigs again nails the vocal melodies within this track and yet another feature makes this track cohesively work together. Careless ft. Daniel Caeser is a very stripped-down song that is not as full and grand as her other songs. The vocals from Caeser and falsetto in Twigs emphasizes more to the importance of the lyrics within the song. Minds of Men plays more with glitch pop and allows Twigs to shine with her beautiful usage of vibrato. Twigs last feature artists of Jorja Smith & unknown t are revealed on Darjeeling and easily is a favorite. This art-pop meets R&B shines with the use of backing harmonies and instrumental chopping as heard from the strings. Twigs rapping does not distract from the melodies but complements the addition of Jorja Smith and unknown t on this. Thank You Song ends the mixtape with an angelic piano mixed with vocal layering and vocal pitching creating a grandeur song that truly speaks of healing. Due to this, on the Intersect rating scale of 1-10, the sound on "Caprisongs" receives an 8/10.

The Lyrics

What FKA Twigs adds to her mixtape sonically, she complements with her powerful lyrics. This mixtape on her journey to really being herself and finding who she is, we get to experience with her. Ride The Dragon is a sensual song comprised of lyrics such as "I'm a boss in my life, do I really have to boss in the sheets?" We explore the concept of being sensual beings and feeling truly pretty to be admired by others. Honda brings forth British slang such as "M way" and "rizla", meaning rolling papers, has us reminiscing of smoking with friends and living in the moment. Meta Angel explores the concept of rebirth and finding oneself. "I've got voices in my head/ tellin' me that I wont make it far/ Mirrors singin' in my face/ Where'd you go?, Where'd you go?" are just some of the few lyrics in Meta Angel that describes insecurities she fought within and the loss of who she was. Understanding where she lost herself pushes her to rebirth and essentially kill the old version of herself and grow into her new self. Tears in the Club romanticizes the sexual feeling of a dying relationship where internally one or both the parties knows its ending, such as from the lyrics of "I'm gonna fuck your lies then cut all ties". This song emphasizes that a relationship is truly dead when emotionally theres no spark. Oh My Love explores the idea where one person is wanting more than the other. "Everybody knows that I want your love/ Why you playing, baby boy, whats up?" explains more how at times we are wanting more out of a soon be relationship, yet the other person only holds onto you for the fun of it but never something more or deeper. Lightbeamers reminds us that we are the stars in our own show and we should accept only things that make us happy and shining, "put it in your phone, read it when you're down and out". Papi Bones is an homage to sexual energy and having a lover confess their love. "The champagne bubble up" bringing up the feeling oneself has when drinking champagne, feeling like themselves and enjoying the company of themselves because they are beautiful. Which Way really feels more like an interlude and as the track says "It's like elevator music". It's just there. Jealousy speaks on the subject of the title, but more so how the feeling truly is and the hamper it puts on one's psyche, "I just wanna go outside and feel the sun is shinin' on my better half". Minds of Men dives into the topic of toxic masculinity and how their fall will be with not being vulnerable or open to women, "Great minds of men will fall down/ Without nature's peace or a woman's profound/.. Intertwine be wisdom bound". The final track Thank You Song dives into the mind of an individual accepting their past. Twigs acknowledges their lover but ultimately thanking them for allowing herself to truly live her unapologetic self now. On the Intersect rating scale of 1-10, the lyrics on "Caprisongs" receives an 8.4/10.

The Art Behind the Album

The most artistic part about "Caprisongs" is how diverse it is compared to the rest of Twigs' discography. This mixtape presented as being very free and allowing Twigs to be more carefree in how she presents it rather than in a specified artistic directions. Twigs was able to explore different genres of music and be able to mesh them with her sound. Twigs has showed us a new side to herself and the journey she has gone to being herself. From balancing harmonies to the heart wrenching lyrics, this mixtape really grounds us to never lose sight of ourselves. The appreciation of Twigs ability to explore genre's and not be afraid to experiment and push herself is what will continuously drive her in her career. FKA Twigs continues to push herself with each addition to her discography. The art behind "Caprisongs" receives a 8.8/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Ride the Dragon, Meta Angel, Tears in the Club (feat. The Weeknd), Oh My Love, Jealousy (feat. Rema), Darjeeling (feat. Jorja Smith & unknown t).


Tears in the Club (feat. The Weeknd), Jealousy (feat. Rema)

"Caprisongs" has really become the song to start of Capricorn Season and Twigs has produced yet another catchy, yet intriguing work. Because of this, the total score of "Caprisongs" is 8.3/10. Listen to the album below:


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