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Fara Homidi's Addictive New Makeup Bag

Following the launch of her eponymous brand, beauty guru Fara Homidi has introduced the Pochette makeup bag. Crafted in Italy from buttery premium vegan leather, this bag is more than just a cosmetics holder; it's a beautiful and functional fashion statement.

“I can’t design anything halfway,” says Homidi. "So by the end of its conception I realized this makeup bag was so chic that I began taking it with me everywhere. It’s now become my everyday clutch.” Her commitment to excellence is evident in the Pochette's yummy and chic silhouette. This limited-edition makeup bag is soft, squeezable, and built to protect your Fara Homidi beauty products, and whatever else you so desire.

Elevate your makeup bag game and purchase the Pochette now on the Fara Homidi webstore.


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