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"I Got Love" For Mother Mother's New Single

Alternative rock band Mother Mother released new single "I Got Love / Stay Behind" on March 5.

Seemingly suddenly, many of the band's oldest tunes went viral on TikTok, pushing Mother Mother into the spotlight. Hundreds of thousands of videos featuring official audio and edited remixes of Mother Mother songs were posted to the social media platform this fall, with the hashtag #mothermother trending with over 364.9 million views.

Along with various fashion, cosplay, and trending videos, Mother Mother's music has become an anthem within many non-binary communities; TikTok users have used these viral audios to discuss gender, intersectionality, and inclusion.

"Finding these new fans, or them finding us rather, feels like a very generous and surreal gift from the universe," Frontman Ryan Guldemond shared in a press release. "It's always been about the joy of music, and sharing in this joy with others, so we are thrilled to be releasing new music, especially 'I Got Love,' to new and old fans alike."

The two songs on "I Got Love / Stay Behind" together create a dynamic dichotomy.

"I Got Love" is lively and upbeat, and as told by Guldemond, "this song is about the frequency of love, and less in the romantic sense, but more in terms of unification and interconnection, working as a guiding light in dark times. If people simply enjoy this song, we are so happy and grateful, and if they find any healing in it, slight or profound, we're utterly ecstatic and deeply humbled."

The other track on the single, "Stay Behind," is an authentic and understated contrast to "I Got Love," with a slower tempo and mellow acoustic sound.

Listen to "I Got Love / Stay Behind" below and let us know what you think.



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