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Jesse Marchant Drops New Track "An Accident (From 3 Perspectives)"

Jesse Marchant has released his new song "An Accident (From 3 Perspectives)," marking the second single the artist has dropped from his forthcoming album Antelope Running. The release follows the launch of "Go Lightly," which acts as the lead single from the upcoming album.

"An Accident (From 3 Perspectives)" recounts "a serious accident I had in my teens while snowboarding with my younger brother, from which I hemorrhaged and almost died," shared Marchant. "It recalls the day, and the period immediately following, from not just my perspective, but also the perspectives of my younger brother and my mother. Though I have told the story to close friends several times over the years, it never occurred to me to write about it. Then one morning the recollection came back to me vividly while I was playing the piano, along with the lyrics which came all at once, in a flood. I rarely experience such urgency in my writing, so I figured it best to let be what had transpired."

The explosions, lockdowns, anger, and angst brought by 2020 led Marchant to spend a summer of isolation in the forest, which culminated in the news that he was going to be a father. All of the songs on Antelope Running paint the portrait of a man consumed with compassion, looking back. His acceptance and longing are interwoven, yielding a depth of writing that is not only more significant than any of his past efforts, but also clearer.

The Canadian singer and songwriter is a classically trained guitarist who also produces all of his own albums. Antelope Running will be Marchant's fifth album, and is expected to drop June 25.

Listen to "An Accident (From 3 Perspectives)" below, and let us know what you think.



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