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Jesse Marchant Drops Lead Single "Go Lightly" From His Upcoming Album

Jesse Marchant has released his new song "Go Lightly," which acts as the lead single from his forthcoming album Antelope Running.

Marchant describes his latest song as "living in the realm of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and recent Nick Cave." Featuring Marchant’s longtime bandmate Jason Lawrence on drums; Logan Coale (Taylor Swift, The National, Now Ensemble) on electric bass, and D. James Goodwin on guitar and synth, "Go Lightly" was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Isokon Studio in Woodstock NY.

"I had the piano part for quite some time but struggled to find the vocal melody, imagery and words," shared Marchant. "The falsetto notes that open the song came to me one morning when I was playing the chords, but I lacked confidence in that range for my voice, as it was somewhat new to me. Over time my confidence with it deepened and the song began to bloom, later to become one of the pillar tracks of the record. I am proud of how it moves through different sections seamlessly, like a stream that flows and forms into pools before continuing on to do so again and again."

Courtesy of Jesse Marchant

The Canadian singer and songwriter is a classically trained guitarist who also produces all of his own albums. Antelope Running will be Marchant's fifth album, and is expected to drop this summer.

"Although I began writing the lyrics in February of 2020 just before the pandemic began, I was working on ["Go Lightly"] throughout and believe that the forced isolation of that period played a significant role in where it ended up,” shared Marchant. "To me the song is about being forced to take stock of the life you’ve chosen for yourself, or have arrived to, when you remove all of its peripheral elements — for better or worse."

Listen to Marchant's new single below, and stay tuned for updates on his expected album.



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