Meet BLKBOK: The Pianist Redefining Hip-Hop and Classical Music

BLKBOK, also known as Charles Wilson III, is a neo-classical pianist making waves across multiple areas of the music industry and redefining hip-hop and classical music.

From a young age, Wilson developed his musical appreciation and abilities, eventually becoming music director for Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and John Mayer before shifting his focus to his original music. CNN Entertainment's Lisa Respers France named Black Book one of Two Things to Listen to, along with Lady Gaga's reisssue of Born This Way.

Earlier this year, Wilson shared his piano rendition of Cardi B’s “Up” on TikTok; the video went viral, amassing over 338.1 thousand views on the platform and a reshare on the Atlantic Records Instagram feed.

Through both his classical arrangements of popular hip-hop tunes and his original music, BLKBOK creates a space of deep human connection and understanding of American history. Lovers of Mozart and Megan Thee Stallion, of Beethoven and Biggie alike, will love the BLKBOK sound and messages.

Wilson’s latest album, Black Book, was released on June 18, and is a masterful homage to his own experiences and emotions. The album takes listeners on Wilson’s 121-day songwriting journey; every crescendo, melody, and rest tells a vivid story in what is, perhaps, the most transformative and dynamically composed neo-classical album yet. Each moment of Black Book is a work of art, from the haunting and energizing dance of “The King’s New Drip” to the timeless melodies of “Cookie Waltz.” Wilson pays tribute to George Floyd and the ongoing struggle for racial equality with the evocative and poignant “George Floyd & The Struggle For Equality.”

In celebration and support of Juneteenth, BLKBOK performed at Live Nation’s