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Sicard's Face Card

Chances are, if you are someone who indulges yourself in the world of luxury, you've seen Sicard's tasteful TikTok content. Originally from Miami, Sicard is a Luxury Consultant and content creator who loves to dance and has a bachelor's degree in dance/human movement. It's giving cultured. On top of all of that, Sicard has a face card that never ever declines. For our second installment of this series, we talked beauty secrets with Sicard.

Sicard ©

When did you first get into beauty, and what garnered your attention?

My interest in skincare and beauty was first peaked when I was six years old by my aunt who was always so well put together and had the most beautiful skin. I looked up to her so much because of how she applied beauty to every aspect of her life. My first time being able to consciously participate in the world of beauty was forcing my parents to get me Neutrogena cleanser so I could recreate the commercials and, in turn, flood the surrounding area of my bathroom sink. 

What was the first ever beauty product that you were obsessed with?

The first beauty product I was obsessed with was Kids Organic Africa's Best Hair Gel. They used to do all of my sister's hair with those products and I was obsessed with the smell of them. So, I would steal them from my sister's bathroom every morning before school. 

Sicard ©

Who are your current beauty inspirations in culture?

One of my current beauty inspirations in culture is Sean Garrette, a beauty tastemaker and esthetician with great advice for black and brown skin with a male focus. Also, Makayla Mashelle is my most recent beauty obsession. I have yet to dabble in makeup, but she is peaking my interest in beginning that journey. Her videos and tutorials are so effortless and easy to follow.

Let's get into the must-haves. If you could only bring three beauty products with you on a two-month trip, what would they be and why?

If I could only bring three beauty products with me for a three-month trip, I would die. For the sake of this exercise, I will bring my strongest warriors to the front.

1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

First and foremost, my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, I would crumble to ash without it.

Laneige ©

2. Naturium The Glow Getter Multi-Oil Body Butter

3. 4AM Skin Rest & Rise Serums and Overtime Undereye Masks

You did it! Now, name three underrated beauty products that people should know about. 

1. EADEM Cloud Cushion Airy Brightening Moisturizer

EADEM is a brand that I feel is criminally underrated, their cloud cushion moisturizer had to have been crafted by the hands of 10 goddesses.


2. Fount Society Balancing Facial Mist

3. Trader Joe's Virtuoso SPF Spearmint Lip Balm

Love it! Now give me one Sicard exclusive beauty tip!

One Sicard beauty tip I have is to figure out your staple places, bags, and jackets and place travel-size versions of your beauty must-have in all of them. I am unfortunately cursed with dry lips and a bad memory, so I've learned to place my favorite lip balm in all my purses so I never have to suffer the pain of dry lips out in public.


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