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This Week's Best Streetwear Drops: From Adidas to Bene Culture

Check out our favorite streetwear drops of the week, hand-picked by our editors.

Adidas Originals x KSENIASCHNAIDER

Adidas Originals and Ukranian fashion brand KSENIASCHNAIDER have joined together and released a collection highlighting the Ukranian brand’s love and skill for upcycling clothing by showcasing many reprocessed pieces in patchwork style. The collaboration plays around with classic Adidas silhouettes and designs, such as tracksuits and Superstar sneakers. It refreshes them with an idea of deconstruction and contemporary artistry by including frayed edges, oversized design, and color-blocking patchwork. Pieces range from wide-leg track pants, a bra top, and a dress to two Adidas classic sneakers, the Superstar and Forum Mid. Check out the collection on Adidas’s website.

PLEASURES x Sonic Youth

American rock band Sonic Youth and streetwear brand PLEASURES have released a collection that explores Sonic Youth’s imperative influence and history. Just as the band itself is innovative, PLEASURES ran with it and created an innovative capsule collection that features homages to the band and its history through album artwork, photographs of the band members, and archival graphics. Some inspiration was gathered from artists most closely associated with the punk rock scene, like Raymond Pettibon, who has created posters and album art since the early 1980s. The extensive collection includes typical t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, jerseys, denim, shorts, hats, and other accessories with nods toward the band. Check out the collection on the PLEASURES website.

Bene Culture

Suppose you are looking for a more experimental approach to summer for your style. In that case, Bene Culture has just released a new collection that artistically stands out while remaining close to its usual design patterns. Much like previous Bene Culture collections, the collection sticks to the muted color palette that the brand is known and recognized for, such as earthy browns and neutrals and cool-toned blues, black and grey. The only pops of color you will find are a fiery red from a t-shirt and two different shades of yellow, one leaning toward a pastel shade featured in the brand’s logo initials on a double-zippered sweatshirt and the other shade on the neon color spectrum featured in the words “Have you seen Bene Culture?” on a long-sleeve camo patterned t-shirt. Track pants and adjustable shorts finish the collection with a more subtle approach to the brand’s modern and edgy aesthetic. Check out the collection on Bene Culture’s website.

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