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This Week's Best Streetwear Drops: From HUMAN MADE to Dime

Check out our favorite streetwear drops of the week, hand-picked by our editors.

HUMAN MADE Season 26

Tokyo-based streetwear brand Human Made is back with another seasonal drop just in time for the Fall/Winter months. Season 26 features extremely practical and functional pieces, offering a wide range from outerwear to basics. Outerwear is technical and versatile, with pieces like the 3-Layer Shell Jacket and basics such as hoodies and t-shirts remaining colorful and bright like collections of the past. Graphics are simple and warm, such as different animal illustrations, and the color palette focuses on warm and light shades, such as coral, light blue, and terracotta orange. Khaki-colored corduroy adjustable pants are a strong highlight, and the HUMAN MADE logo dons almost every accessory with heart-shaped motifs, such as shopping bags and zippered cases. Check out the collection on the HUMAN MADE website.

The Hundreds 20th Anniversary

Vintage throwbacks are the inspiration behind The Hundreds' 20th-anniversary and winter collections, specifically, early Los Angeles streetwear throwbacks. The Winter 2023 collection pulls from imagery that aligns with the streetwear community that has long been standing in Los Angeles and implements it into designs that serve a style and functional focus. Silk baseball jerseys are just one example of this elemental mix, complete with The Hundreds’ patches and hints of color, and hockey-style jerseys with flame graphics are another vintage-reminiscent design. A camo quilted jacket and an anniversary varsity jacket stand out as statement pieces, and t-shirts offer the signature cartoon bomb logos atop bright colors. A limited edition 20th-anniversary t-shirt has also been released in collaboration with BBC, Clot, and Ed Banger, featuring silver-toned graphics and text. Check out the collection on The Hundreds website.

Drama Call 5-Year Anniversary

In honor of five years of their streetwear designs, Manchester-based streetwear label Drama Call has released its latest collection geared toward loud and expressive sentiments. A patchwork hoodie covered in multi-style text is the center of the collection, with “Drama Call” featured in unique graphic logos, also available in a t-shirt and American-style football jersey. A black-on-black hoodie, matching sweat pants, a zip-up, and basic t-shirts with Drama Call logos level out the collection, while accessories like hats and a tote bag featuring similar graphics finish the collection. Check out the collection on Drama Call’s website.

Dime x Montréal Canadiens

NHL season is upon us, and Montréal-based streetwear label Dime has fittingly teamed up with the Montréal Canadiens hockey team for their latest collection. In a show of support for their home team, the label has released a fashionable collection with the perfect amount of sportiness through knitwear, t-shirts, and accessories. The graphics are the key point of the collection, with creative designs and illustrations such as goalie masks, maple leaves, and signature Dime bubble lettering. Hats feature the hockey team’s notable “C” logo and Dime lettering, and bright red and hockey mask skate decks are also available with the branding of each group. Check out the collection on the Tricolore Sports website.

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