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This Week's Best Streetwear Drops: From Stone Island to Noah

Check out our favorite streetwear drops of the week, hand-picked by our editors.

Stone Island FW23/24

For a brand known for its outerwear, Stone Island did not fail to deliver a fresh Fall/Winter 23/24 collection that stays true to its classic designs while undertaking inspiration from distinctive contemporary motifs. Designed with the idea of industrial spaces in mind, Stone Island has produced a range of outerwear that can be applied to various conditions, made from industrial-style fabrics combined with treatments to assist with the longevity of the garments. Nothing is too loud, and the focus is clean and to the point, with subdued colors for the upcoming fall/winter seasons. From an oversized teal puffer coat to a monotone knitwear and suede jacket with faux-fur trim, this collection is suitable for anyone looking to take on the outdoors in style.

Vetements SS24

Right on time with the spring/summer seasons, Vetements has released its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, emphasizing everything oversized to the extreme. Inspired by whimsical AI-generated objects of fashion, the collection plays with outlandish proportions in the casual and formal realms, from its streetwear to eveningwear. Made to look like the wearer is drowning in clothing, pairs of jeans overflow on the floor, puffer jackets, sweatshirts, and trench coats are 16 sizes too big, and formal dresses adopt mermaid silhouettes to contrast the rest of the larger-than-life collection. Denim, leather, and nylon are key constructive components with no limit on color or pattern, giving space for camo, construction neon yellow, and flames.

Noah x PUMA

Sporty meets streetwear with clothing brand Noah’s collaboration with PUMA. Noah’s latest collaboration is one with a grip on simple yet stylish clothes and sneakers that emulate the vintage vibe of a cool and trendy athlete that exudes sophistication. Embossed with vintage Pink Panther-esque illustrations and logos on shirts, shorts, and accessories, the collection turned to the tennis world for a preppy east-coast flare highlighted through velour vests and rugby-inspired sweaters. Drawstring shorts, cotton baseball caps, and the iconic PUMA Star sneakers brought back for the first time since the 1970s finish off the collection.

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