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Holy Hive “Holy Hive”

Self-described trailblazers of funk-soul, Brooklyn’s Holy Hive released their second LP, Holy Hive, in fall 2021.

Founded in the late 2010s by drummer and producer Homer Steinweiss, vocalist/songwriter Paul Spring, and bassist Joe Harrison, Holy Hive is an eloquent hodgepodge of liberally swung drum cadences, folksy songwriting, and a grainy-yet-hifi sonic quality. 2021’s self-titled LP sees the presentation of these themes in full force, resulting in an encounter that is both sophisticated and intimate.

The cadaverous drums and ominous plucked ostinatos of fan favorite "Ain’t That The Way" feel like a millennial coffee shop take on a Vaughan Monroe song, while the glittery vocals and minimalist bass of "Circling The Surface" present more like a 60s sunshine pop throwback.

Listen to Holy Hive below and find @HolyHiveMusic on Instagram.



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