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Jerry Paper "Kno Me"

Jerry Paper is the moniker of Los Angeles native Lucas Nathan, who released their newest single "Kno Me" on February 1, 2022.

A logical continuation of sonic ideals established on 2020's Abracadabra, "Kno Me" precedes upcoming LP Free Time, which will be released on April 15 via Stones Throw Records.

As if a modern indie rework of a lost New Radicals song, "Kno Me" is a fitting iteration of the weirdo suave of Jerry Paper. Its 90s-teen-movie-intro feel is a concisely polished departure from an otherwise largely enigmatic catalog. Uncharacteristically glitzy guitar and synth driven production create an embracing yet whimsical atmosphere, as if the track is urging the listener to seize the day and embrace their individuality.

The single arrived alongside an equally idiosyncratic music video, which, in its entirety, features Jerry Paper in a pink fringe cowboy dress attempting to mount a horse.

Listen to "Kno Me", and find @jerrypaper_reality on Instagram.



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