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Milly "Wish Goes On"

Milly is the ripped-jeans indie rock vehicle of Brendan Dyer, Spencer Light, Yarden Erez, and Zach Capitti-Fenton, from Los Angeles, California. Their newest EP Wish Goes On released spring 2021 via Dangerbird Records.

A hearty meld of 1990s post-grunge a la Sunny Day Real Estate, the melodic fluency of American Football, and the slack-jawed emotional turbulence of Duster, Wish Goes On is a moody patchwork of noisy guitars, archetypical midwest-emo vocals, and slow-core drum cadences. Fan favorite "Star Thistle Blossom", the only rhythmic departure from this artfully- trudging pastiche, opts for a slightly more energetic tempo, while additional standout "Denial" takes an almost Pinegrove-esque alternative country/folk route.

Although admittedly less anthemic than its more experimental predecessor, 2019's Our First Four Songs, Wish Goes On seems to reflect the band piecing together just what they're all about. It's an optimistic look at the bands future within the LA indie scene, as well as an elevated precedent among the rest of their catalog.

The EP is perfect for fans of Alex G, Sunny Day Real Estate, Bully, Duster. Listen to Wish Goes On below, and find @millyleband on Instagram.



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