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MUNA "Anything But Me"

Los Angeles indie pop trio MUNA (Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson, and Josette Maskin), announced their self-titled third studio LP in a tweet on March 15, sharing news of their new single "Anything But Me." The full record is slated for release on June 24 via Phoebe Bridgers' Saddest Factory Records.

MUNA, perhaps above all else, are a living projection of the LA indie pop pulse: queer, optimistic, revivalist. 2022's "Anything But Me" is a pastiched fusion of 2010s top 40 lore and new wave revivalism of the same decade (think The 1975's self titled era as performed by Katy Perry, but somehow undeniably 2022).

As is the case across the MUNA catalog, whatever candor is expressed within "Anything But Me" is delivered as catchy pop sentiment ("You can call me if there's anything you need / Anything but me"); the resulting atmosphere is one of personal growth, hope, and self worth.

Listen to "Anything But Me" below and find @WhereIsMuna on Instagram. Let us know what you think.



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